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Powerful fan with consistent, gentle airflow – for perfect air circulation in rooms.


The powerful FAN1 ensures you get through the day feeling relaxed, even on hot summer days. An ideal alternative to air conditioning, it cools when it‘s hot and provides soothing refreshment. 

Sleek and high-quality aesthetics, thanks to its performance and multiple functions, it will naturally find a place of choice in the office but also at home during the summer period.
This powerful yet energy-efficient fan uses the principles of aerodynamic technology and ensures an intense but steady air flow for optimal air circulation in the rooms.

Equipped with an extension bar, you will be able to transform this desk fan into a pedestal fan in just a few seconds.
As a perfect alternative to the air conditioner, the FAN1 fan will give you a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

H x W x D: 532 ∕ 905 * x 310 x 310 mm (* Height without / with extension bar)

The "Timer" function allows you to program the start or stop of the fan in an interval of 9 hours.
It can be used all year round: in summer, as a fan and in winter, it distributes hot air evenly in each room. For an atmosphere of well-being.


  • table/floor fan
  • power 1-14 Watt
  • fan levels: 4
  • noise: 30-55 dB
  • horizontal oscillation: 90° left/right
  • vertical oscillation: 60° up/down
  • incl. Remote control
  • timer function