Austin Air Purifiers

The superior performance of the Austin Air Purifier begins as air is drawn into the unit via the 360-degree air intake system. Contaminants are captured using the most proven, powerful filtration available: Medical Grade HEPA and activated carbon. The clean, filtered air is then pushed back into the room via a directional export vent. This guarantees the entire room is free from pollutants, not just the air directly around the unit.

All of our purifiers use the highest quality Medical Grade HEPA and carbon blend, to effectively filter a wide range of contaminants, including chemicals and VOC’s, allergens, dust, viruses and bacteria. Our long filter life and extremely durable steel casing, makes Austin Air Purifiers the number one choice for your home. No maintenance, no costly filter changes. Just plug in and leave to run 24/7.


Ideal Air Purifiers

Experience clean air every day with the high-performance air purifiers, Made in Germany. IDEAL air purifiers follow nature's example, but are significantly more effective. Our highly efficient multi-layer filters permanently remove pollutants from indoor air. The OptiFlow system also captures pollutants located further away and distributes the cleaned air optimally throughout the room. At home, in the office and everywhere else.

The perfect interaction of many individual components helps the IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers rank among the most powerful, but also the quietest air purification devices on the market. The flow-optimised air routing and highly efficient fan achieve a high air flow rate even at the lowest filtration levels. In their night mode, the IDEAL AP PRO models are extra quiet in the background – virtually inaudible.