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Woodepecker Penetrating Floor Prep Hardwood and Lamiate Floor Recoating System

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  • Penetrating Floor Prep. Deep Cleans Your Hardwood and Laminate Floors. Removes contaminants such as oils and soaps.
  • Components Required: Wood Pecker Penetrating Floor Prep (22oz Bottle) Woodpecker White Treey Bonnets Woodpecker Advantage Plus Hardwood and Laminante Floor Care Kit Wookpecker Non Abrasive Scru Pad Woodpecker Floor Care Appicator Wookpercker Advantage Plus Hardwood and Laminate Floor Care Kit

Woodpecker Penetrating Floor Prep by Namac Industires 22 oz. Spray Bottle A
Revolutionary Hardwood and Laminate Floor Recoating System This is a premium
quality Deep Cleaning System Removes contaminants such as oils and soaps
Prepares your floor for the successful application of the Smart Shine Acrylic
Urethane Top Coat (sold separately) No Sanding Required SC-14-0108-05