BISSELL Style 32R9 Circular Vacuum Filter Pack

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  • Includes one inner pleated filter and one outer foam filter.
  • Fits into the dirt cup of the cleanview helix series, rewind series and powerforce series, check model for exact fit recommendations.
  • Did you know that your vacuum has filters that should be checked out frequently? Depending on your household, it is recommended that you replace your vacuum filters every 3 to 6 months. regular replacement of your filters helps your vacuum operate at peak efficiency.
  • Refer to you BISSELL vacuum user guide for replacement instructions.
  • See description below for vacuums that fit this accessory!

Size:1 Filter set Genuine BISSELL parts. Includes 1 inner pleated filter and 1
outer foam filter. This filter pack includes one inner pleated filter and one
outer foam filter. It Works with PowerForce Vacuums (6584, 47M6H, 47M6Y,
65792, 6579R, 6583P, 65841, 65842, 65843, 6584R, 6579, 65793, 65823, 6582R,
6583, 65831, 65832, 65833, 65834, 6583F, 6583G, 6583R, 6583W, 6583X, 6582,
65851, 6585, 65852, 65853, 65854, 65856, 65857, 6585R, 6596Q, 6596X, 6594F,
6594G, 6594J, 6594R, 6594W, 6596, 6596R, 6594, 84G9) PowerClean Vacuum (62X5)
Rewind Vacuums (58F83, 18M9, 18M9P, 118M9V, 26T55, 58F8R, 18M9X, 58F8, 58F8T,
18M9W, 26T5, 67F8, 44M3, 44M3P, 44M3R, 67F82) CleanView Vacuums (35766, 3576M,
95P1, 82H1H, 82H1M, 82H1R, 82H1T, 21k3, 21K31, 21K32, 21K35, 71V9, 82H1,
71V92, 3574, 20Q9, 3576, 35762, 35741).