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BISSELL 32R9 Circular Filter Set

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  • This is an O.E.M. Authorized part
  • Fits various Bissell models
  • Oem part number 32r9
  • This is a Bissell replacement part
  • Part Number 32R9
  • This is an O.E.M. part
  • Includes - 1 inner filter and 1 outer filter
  • Fits vacuum models - all cleanview helix series
  • Fits models - 82H1, 22C1, 21K3, 58F83, 44M3P
  • Not dishwasher safe

Size:1 Filter set BISSELL Filter - Circular Filter Set 32R9 How to keep
vacuums running and looking their best.Theres nothing like a quick sweep of
the vacuum to freshen a home. Its a small thing that can make a big
difference, much like changing or cleaning the filters in your vacuum.Just
like carpets need special care, so do vacuums. Did you know that a BISSELL
bagless vacuum may have up to three filters? If you begin to notice
performance issues, it may be time to either replace or clean your filters.
For non-washable filters, we recommend they be replaced regularly for optimal
performance.Clean filters are important as they help to capture dust and other
particles that pass through the filter while vacuuming. To get the most out of
your vacuum, remember to clean or replace your filters regularly and rely on
specially designed filters directly from BISSELL. When do I replace the belt
or the filter for my vacuum? If the vacuum is not cleaning as well as it had
before or the brush roll has stopped turning, you may have to change the belt.
To change the belt, please refer to your models user guide for installation
instructions.With bagless vacuums, having clean filters is critical to
maintain cleaning performance. Over time, filters can become dirty and
eventually clog. A dirty or worn filter can diminish the cleaning performance
of your vacuum, so it is important to regularly clean and monitor them. How do
I maintain my Bagless vacuum? Answer: BISSELL bagless vacuums generally
contain three filters, which should be cleaned frequently.The three filters
are the round filter located above the dirt cup, the square filter located in
the tray beneath the dirt cup and the rectangular filter located on the side
or back of the machine. These filters should be cleaned or replaced often to
allow for proper air flow of the machine. Clogged filters can lead to reduced
suction power of your machine. The black filters can be washed in warm water
and mild detergent and should be completely dry prior to re-installing. Other
filters can be replaced, as well as the black ones. Section Header Works with:
CleanView Helix Deluxe Vacuum 21K3CleanView Helix Deluxe Vacuum 71V92CleanView
Helix Vacuum 95P1CleanView II Bagless Vacuum 20Q9CleanView II Bagless Vacuum
3574CleanView II Plus Bagless Vacuum 3576-6CleanView II Special Edition Vacuum
3576-2CleanView II Vacuum 3574-1PowerClean Rewind Vacuum 62X5PowerForce
Bagless Vacuum 6584PowerForce Turbo Vacuum 6585Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum
18M9WRewind PowerHelix Vacuum 84G9Rewind Premier Pet 67F8Rewind SmartClean