SEBO X, C, or G Filter Bag Box – Package of 10


Changing your vacuum cleaning bag regularly will ensure consistent odor free operation of your vacuum.

Box of Ten Genuine SEBO High Filtration 3-Layer Paper Bags to keep your vacuum canister performing well. Also included are ten green disks to seal the paper bag inlets before removing them for disposal. The SEBO 5093AM replacement paper filter bag as an astonishing 1.4 gallon dirt capacity.

Bags fit the following vacuums:

SEBO C Series
SEBO Essential G Series
SEBO Automatic X Series
SEBO Uprights
Windsor S12
9570AM X4
9580AM X5 White/Gray Machine

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Product Description

When comparing a bagless vacuum to a bagged vacuum, vacuum cleaner bags are the hygienic choice. In additional to being hygienic they also provide better filtration, suction and overall performance. You will have a hard time finding a high quality high performing vacuum cleaner with a paper bag. This is because replacement paper filter bags are an essential component holding nearly all the dirt captured by the vacuum and not allowing much dirt to pass through the vacuums microfilters. Ultimately allowing the filters to stay clean which will provide you with a better performing vacuum.

By using “top-fill” vacuum bags SEBO ensures that your vacuum cleaner will have full suction continuously, gone are the days of having no suction when the bag is only half full. This is accomplished by having the dirt enter through the top and effectively settling at the bottom. As the bag fills upward the air will continue to exit through the sides giving the vacuum unimpeded airflow until at capacity. With this effective use of a “top-fill” vacuum bag you will be able to fill your SEBO replacement bag to near capacity, thus allowing your vacuum bag to hold about 10 times the debris volume, as compared to the dirt capacity found on typical bagless vacuums. Being innovators in the vacuum industry a SEBO replacement vacuum bag will only take just a few seconds to change and is easy to do. With the “sealing cap” the vacuum bag opening is covered quickly and keeping dirt from escaping back into your home. If you have allergies or asthma, a vacuum cleaner with excellent filtration and a sealing cap is a must. There are not many vacuum brands out there that provide the attention to detail like SEBO.

SEBO was founded in Velbert, Germany in 1978. It started with two engineers focused on creating a system for cleaning that would take vacuums to a new level. As SEBO has continued to grow and introduce new quality products, they have earned their way to the top of the vacuum industry. They manufacture vacuums and products not only for residential use, but commercial as well. All products are designed and manufactured to commercial-grade standards. With sales surpassing one-billion dollars worldwide, SEBO has made their name stand for durability, quality, and effectiveness.

With multiple awards and world-wide recognition, it’s clear that SEBO’s innovation is unparalleled in the vacuum cleaner industry. In the U.S., SEBO humbly began with just their commercial line in 1979. As time went on, customers demanded more and SEBO responded. They introduced the duo-P Cleaning Powder in 1984 and added household vacuums in 1997. Since then, they have grown to have a major foothold in high quality and easy to use residential and commercial vacuum cleaners.