Sebo ET-C Power Head


  • 14-inch Power Head Width
  • Floating-style Brush Height Adjustment
  • Designed to Only Clean Carpets, so No Manual Brush Roller Shut Off
  • Unmatched Durability and Aggressive Brush Agitation
  • The L-shaped Head Easily Cleans Around Furniture and Under Counters
  • Its Steering Mechanism Does Not Rotate Left or Right
  • A Flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2-inch Profile
  • Warning Light to Indicate a Worn Brush Strip
  • Brush Strip Removal on the Roller for Easy Cleaning or Replacement
  • Brush Obstruction Warning Light with Automatic Shut Off
  • A Central Vacuum Wand Adapter is Available
  • Excellent for Pet Hair Removal
  • Five-year Warranty
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Product Description

SEBO ET-C Power Head’s most unique features are:

  • Deep Cleaning. SEBO power heads offer deep cleaning of your carpets only a thorough brushing can give.
  • Wider L-shaped Head. The wider head allows for optimal cleaning and maneuverability around furniture and under cabinets, and the extension side of the head cleans and brushes right to the edge.
  • Brush Strip instead of a Brush Roller. The brush strip for the ET-C slides in and out for fast and easy replacement.
  • Brush Information Panel. Located on the top of the power head is a brush information panel with two lights and a quick-reference area that will tell you what the illuminated lights indicate.
  • Electronic Overload Protection. If the brush is jammed, the red “BRUSH CONTROL” light will illuminate and the vacuum will automatically shut off.
  • Brush Deterioration Warning. The red AND green “BRUSH CONTROL” lights will illuminate (after a 10 second delay) to notify the user that the brush strip is too worn and, therefore, should be replaced. The lights will remain illuminated until the worn brush strip is replaced, but the machine will continue to operate in the meantime. Both lights may also illuminate if the brush doesn’t find enough resistance; for example, when the power head is lifted from the floor or is used on hard floors.
  • Stationary Use. When the machine has its handle in the upright-locked position, it is designed to shut off the brush roller. Both brush control lights will be off. An operating power head should not stand stationary on the floor for inappropriate periods of time.